On-Prem/Cloud Disaster Recovery

Re-obtain critical files, data, and applications in case of any loss via unpredictable disasters. 


Data is the most valuable asset of modern-day organizations. Its loss can result in irreversible damage to your business, including the loss of productivity, revenue, reputation, and even customers. It is hard to predict when a disaster will occur and how serious its impact will be. However, what you can control is the way you respond to a disaster and how successfully your organization will recover from it.

with On-Prem/Cloud disaster & recovery

Your valuable data is safe in the face of unpredictable disasters.

Back up and store seldom-used data on the cloud

no one has a firm idea on how much data is being used actively by the enterprises that are storing it. If they did look into it, they would likely find vast repositories of data sitting out on farms of hard drives and tape drives that are rarely accessed. Corporate data managers are aware of these stockpiles of seldom used data--but they are afraid to get rid of them because the next request from corporate management could be a long-term trends analysis that could require this old data! This is an area where cloud-based archiving of seldom-used data is a great solution because the cost of stashing it on the cloud is more economical than the cost of internal data center facilities and storage.

Revise your disaster recovery plan

Cloud computing reduces or eliminates the need for businesses to purchase equipment and build out and operate data centers. This presents a significant savings on hardware, facilities, utilities and other expenses required from traditional computing. (PENDING)

Develop an IT architecture for the cloud

Many organizations, especially if they are small or midsize companies, tend to adopt cloud as needs arise instead of sitting down to envision what the end-to-end cloud architecture of the company is going to look like in the next five years. When they develop an overarching architecture for all their cloud apps and data, many companies discover that they will need a hybrid cloud that combines services from public and private clouds with resources from their own data centers.

Features of NXS cloud disaster recovery

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Managed by team of experts 24x7x365

Transparent & flexible pricing structure with automated billing

All SSD Storage for higher performance of the workloads

Online self-service portal + NXS Customer Portal for ticketing

High bandwidth speed starting with 10Mbps ILL (charged based on utilization)

Multi-tenant architecture using the first Cisco ACI on public cloud in the region

Transparent & flexible pricing structure with automated billing

All SSD Storage for higher performance of the workloads

Managed by team of experts 24x7x365