On-Prem/Cloud Backup

Data is irreplaceable and disasters are unpredictable. Get a solid back-up and recovery plan.

(Was both cloud Backup & disaster recovery)

Why Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery?

After your initial backup, an additional backup will be implemented to reduce your cost-effectively. Reducing file size and preventing duplicate files will help reduce storage costs up to 20 times more. 

Through our control panel or API your organization can simply create, schedule, and manage all backed up files within minutes. 

Enterprise-grade encryption (AES 256-bit key) helps ensure data is secured with a passphrase known only to you. After creating the key, data is encrypted before it leaves the server, and remains encrypted while stored. 

Cloud backup prevents data loss and adds a critical benefit for organizations to secure their system and files. It enables organizations to restore their data immediately after a system failure or data loss.   Disaster Recovery is important to re-obtain critical files, data, and applications in case of any loss via unpredictable disasters. You can access it anytime wherever you are and pay-as-you-go which makes it always available at all times.

Features of NXS Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

NXS is specialized in Cloud back-up and disaster recovery, these are our unique selling points:


With our control panel and API, you can schedule, manage, and instantly restore your data to the original Cloud Server.

File-based Backups

You can easily choose to backup all your files or specific files and restore them as a whole or individually. You can also convert to a different server flexibly.

Customizable Scheduling

The ability to freely schedule when to backup your data and the frequency without any work interruptions or delay.

Flexible Retention Options

You can determine how long to keep your data & files, whether it's for one week or three months, you will have the ability to retain for as long as your business requires.

Reliable & Rapid Disaster Recovery Options

In case of natural disaster, backup cloud server will provide quick access to important data which helps companies continue with their work smoothly and avoid interruption and loss of files.

Active-Passive Disaster Recovery Options

For companies that require the average Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), this option is cost-effective, flexible and important especially for mission-critical environments.

Why NXS Cloud Back-up & Disaster Recovery?


Storage of data in the cloud ensures lower capital costs and greater efficiency in disaster management as the need for large servers and complex hardware is eliminated.


The maximum time an organization can afford system downtime, from weeks to days and hours. Drastically reduce the time by setting up cloud storage which you will be able to use within minutes.


Utilization of the Cloud Disaster Recovery service can be scaled up or down as per business requirements, with payment required only for the actual use.


Please feel free to contact us to help you with the setup that you need. NXS will gladly help you achieve what you need.