user and endpoint protection

Secure your users and endpoints anywhere, anytime!  

user and endpoint protection

Targeted threats–including phishing and malware–increasingly cause data breaches by compromising access credentials and device vulnerabilities. 

With 70% of breaches originating on endpoints, there is no question that endpoints are a top target of attacks. In light of the recent pandemic, bad actors seize the moment by stepping up pandemic-themed malware and phishing campaigns. Malware like LokiBotFormBook and Nano-Core targeting endpoints including devices being used for remote work are on the rise. This is our new reality and so, the question to IT and Security teams then becomes, “How can you empower employees to do their best work securely, regardless of where they are and what devices they are using?” 

Protecting Your Users & Endpoints the Right Way!

You need to VERIFY the identity of your users before granting access to corporate applications. One way to do this is using multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA secures your applications by using a second source of validating your users’ identity, like a phone or a token.

you want to provide secure ACCESS, while empowering employees to work from anywhere on any device. You can do this by leveraging Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, which establishes secure connections to the network for your remote users.

ou want to DEFEND your data from threats as attackers target your remote work environment. Do this by establishing a first line and last line of defense to block, detect and respond to attacks before compromise by using both DNS and endpoint security. 

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