Advanced self-sustaining and upgrade-flexible firewalls to keep your network secure as new threats rise.


Are you frustrated from things going sideways due to external factors related to security?

Do you wonder if you’re truly ready for the next possible breach? Or if you can actually see what sneaky attacks might be actually happening? Maybe you’re overwhelmed as the products seem to work you up instead of them working for you.


You can stop wondering about these questions, becausse NXS has all the answers laid out for you.

Explore the solutions NXS provides below.

WITH NXS NGFW protecion

You can prevent breaches automatically without disrupting your workflow, keeping business moving without interruptions.

Prevent breaches automatically

Using  NGFW technology,  will employ diverse capabilities that safe-guard your network, with its intelligent firewall protection that protects your organization against known, unknown and emerging threats. Our customers are automatically protected without having to do a thing.

Deep network & security visibility

Go beyond just prevention, get access control to deep visibility features on all potential malicious activity and threats. With our Next generation intrusion system (NGIPS), Advanced malware protection (AMP) and Identity service engine (ISE), nothing will go behind your back.

Automated operations

With NXS you can automate operations to save time, reduce complexity and work smarter. NGFW works together with the rest of integrated security tools to automatically stop threats everywhere. It can enforce protective policies on all devices, any quarantined threat will be dealt with.

Why NXS Next-generation firewall?

Unique features to identify, analyze and proactively act against irregular deviations from the standardized and known activities, threat signatures and intelligent attacks based on user behavior.

The new generation firewall can be easily accessed from a single console, you wont have to individually setup and configure your firewall like the traditional methods.

In addition to all the known methods and functionalities of traditional firewalls, next-generation firewalls also includes integrated intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion protection systems (IPS) which puts a stop to attacks based on traffic abnormalities.

Next-generation firewall devices monitor traffic from layer 2 through layer 7 and are proficient and intelligent enough to understand what exactly is being sent and to block it if it wasn’t within known policy.

Application awareness also enables companies to set policies depending on the user and the application. For instance, allowing users to access Facebook, but blocking Facebook Chats. 

NGFWs is an all in our solution, as it provides integrated antivirus, spam filtering, deep-packet inspection, and application control using only one device or console. No extra devices are required, thus reducing infrastructural complexities.

NGFWs include antivirus and malware protection that’s continuously upgraded automatically whenever new threats are discovered. The NGFW device also minimizes the possibilities of attacks by narrowing down the list of applications that can run on it.

The increased number of protection devices and services, usually results in extensive network usage and that affects the network speed. By the time the traffic reaches the end user, the speed is chopped by almost one-third of the actual promised speed. 

In contrast, next-gen firewall works in a way that does not hinder your network, irrespective of the number of protection services. 


Please feel free to contact us to help you with the setup that you need. NXS will gladly help you achieve what you need.