On Premises Private Cloud

Providing the cloud experience at your premises! Organizations can experience the benefits of cloud computing without sharing resources with other organizations to run their workloads locally.

On Premises Private Cloud Is what you need

Both online businesses and traditional companies require the most appropriate hosting solutions that take the companies online services to the next level.
With an on premise private cloud, businesses achieve the benefits of complete control over the proprietary data and services to run your workloads on-premises

The Benefits of On Premises Private Cloud

Dedicated Resources

on-premises private cloud will be designed for your needs.



Scalable architecture

helps in increase or decrease compute & storage resources without disturbing the service and performance operations.


Faster Connectivity to your Workloads

VPCs provide isolated networks in a logical form that allows the company’s data and applications to remain segregated from other clients.

Managed by NXS

No need to worry about the day to day operations to manage your private cloud NXS will do it for you.



Hosted Locally or Public Clouds

You can choose between NXS Cloud hosted in a tier III datacenter in Oman or from public cloud service providers like Azure, AWS or G Cloud.

Customer Support

The NXS team proudly proclaims our 24/7 customer support option that allows close to 100% uptime ratios of your corporate servers.

Managed Services

NXS also provides the option managing your servers along with the hosting solution according to the packages selected by a client.

Reasonable Pricing

Here at NXS you have the option of choosing between the several monthly packages as per your company’s requirements.


Data Protection

With NXS uncover the benefits of regular scheduled backups of your data that help in faster data retrieval in case of any catastrophic situations.

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