Cloud backup

Simplified data protection with improved recovery success!

cloud backup Is what you need

Every business needs to back up their data off site, whether it be for endpoint protection, long-term storage, or quick recovery in the case of disaster. Companies continue to look for easier, cheaper, and more flexible alternatives to maintaining their own off-site storage.

The benefits of Cloud backup

Safeguarding Data and Apps

In order to protect critical data and applications from local outages, it is important to store them offsite.

Faster Data Recovery

Cloud servers allow faster restoration of data; this enables the company in rapidly gaining access to desired files and systems.

Flexible Storage

Cloud back-up spaces can be increased or decreased with respect to the client requirements.

Reliable Data Recovery

Cloud backup provide instant access to data and apps in case of disastrous situations.


Total Coverage

with NXS backup solutions a company can back-up almost all kinds of files and folders.



Flexible control

NXS provides backup solutions that enable its customers to choose between automatic and manual backup processes as per their requirements.

Redundant backup

Our clients can entrust us with their data to be backed up in a secure manner to minimize the effects of an unforsaken situation.


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