Leave IT to us!


We do IT differently! We don’t believe in “a one-size-fits-all” approach, we believe in crafting unique IT solutions for your unique IT strategy. Our role is to help you plan, grow and sustain because we believe that technology is found to work for you and not the other way round.


We’ve got your back no matter how big your team is! Whether you outsource your entire IT department, or need more expert hands and tools to support your existing team, you can trust NXS to make sure your employees’ technologies are running smoothly so your business can achieve ultimate productivity.

Here Is how we do IT

NXS works along with you by understanding the critical needs of your business and developing solutions to solve your problems.

Get the answers that you need, when you need it, at an affordable, fixed low monthly fee. 

Working with passionate individuals who can go above and beyond to solve your problems is the difference between a good decision and an amazing one. We become an extended family to your organization. 

With proper planning and analysis, our NXS team can prevent any threats from occurring. Anticipating and solving technology problems is just what we do. 

Every business is different, but choosing technologies is never an issue, as we only provide you with choices that we know is right for your business. 


Our mission is to support your organization to leverage today’s technology for a more productive and collaborative work environment and to achieve your business objectives through IT. To be your trusted IT and MSP partner that can provide the right technologies with the right expertise in IT core solutions such as compute & storage, network & security, DC & infrastructure, collaboration & productivity, and modern workplace operations.

The trusted partner that will transform the role of IT in your business. Instead of seeing technology as a cost center, you can flip the equation with an environment that works to actively drive success for your business.

OUR Values

Listen and Understand

We listen closely to our clients to understand their needs, goals, challenges, and priorities. Listening to each other, fostering great teamwork, and understanding. We listen first and act upon clear understanding.

Engaged Collaboration and Teamwork

We are happier and more successful when we collaborate and work together as a team. We understand teamwork helps foster creativity and working together allows us to better address and understand our clients’ needs. We fiercely loyal to each other and we know that teamwork is necessary to succeed.  

Responsive and Accountable

Our clients rely on us and we work hard to earn their trust and confidence every day through taking full accountability for consistent communication, proactive problem-solving and superlative service. When issues arise, we focus on making things work and doing the right thing on time for our clients.

Integrity and Transparency

We are always straightforward—even if it means telling the client something they don’t want to hear. We do the right thing, no matter what. This means following through on our commitments, doing what’s best for the client, being totally honest and building relationships of trust.

Shared Goals and Passions

Pursuit of shared goals and passion is the foundation for a productive relationship and to achieve superior business performance. We have a passion for what we do and we have fun doing it. This drives innovation, promotes client loyalty and creates a dynamic work environment that attracts the best and brightest.

Innovation and Excellence

We’re constantly innovating internally to make sure we continually use the very best solutions for our clients. We aim to do and be GREAT. We reject being adequate, “fine,” or just good. We believe in doing our very best in all our work. We are great people at a great company.



Louai Ayedeh


Mr. Louai Is the Chief Executive Officer Of NXS and is responsible for all Day-To-Day management decisions and for implementing NXS’ long and short term plans. His technical engineering background has allowed him to operate in a sure footed attitude with sound decisions which promote continuous growth and solid development.

As a member of the board of the Ayedeh Holding he has been involved in various ventures ranging from development of new companies (Construction, Recycling, Trading) to prospective project feasibility assessment and real-estate development. His perseverance has been instrumental in the creation Of NXS.


Mr. Louai got his Civil Engineering Degree In 2009 From the University of Texas at El-Paso (USA).


Sami Ayedeh


Sami’s position as deputy chief operating officer of NXS, along with his management discipline, provides a professional guideline for planning and execution of NXS operations. The vision of NXS, (simplifying it solutions for the end-user) guide’s Mr. Sami’s overview of the decision making and planning processes of the company.

At the core of Mr. Sami’s interests is the exploration of various it technologies (such as disruptive technologies) which may be considered within the framework of NXS.


Sami holds a b.s. degree in management from California State University -Northridge. (USA).


Hassan Musleh


As chief operating officer of NXS, Mr.Hassan’s responsibilities allow him to oversee the ongoing business operations and guide his team to provide our customers with the best solutions. His people skills combined with his extensive experience in sales and operations, combined with his technical prowess has given him a wide exposure to the full ict project cycle from initiation to handing over.

His passion for ICT combined with the interest of the Ayedeh Group to enter into the information technology field has led to the formation of NXS.


Hassan holds a B.S. degree in communication engineering from Princess Sumaya University for Technology. (Jordan).


Aravind Raghunathan


Aravind’s role as chief technology officer of NXS, puts him in a unique position to ensure that NXS will keep up to date with the latest tech developments and at the forefront of its field. His technical engineering background has allowed him to operate in a sure footed attitude with sound decisions and continuing growth and development.

Aravind’s, extensive experience in the ICT and business processes across different sectors covering financial services, government, investment companies, public sector, education and professional services, allows him to be instrumental in bringing dynamic and productivity-enhancing solutions to the marketplace.


Aravind holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Madras University.